A road weary Sijian priest.


The priests robes have seen better days. All along the hem there are tears and tatters. His clothes fair little better than his vestments. Like all Sijan priests he wears a death mask to conceal his face and wears a pair of ceremonial swords as is their custom…save that his are larger and resonate with a dark essence.


A parchment the color of ancient bone lies crumbling on the floor of the old manse. On it is written in tight, precise handwriting the final account of a stranger. Some of the words have been obliterated by time and age, but by and large the text is in tact.

Every life has stages. A man is born and reborn again and again as life starts anew from his experience and choices as they mold and shape him into the man he will be at the time of his passing to the next life I grew up in the Sijian, surrounded by the trappings of death, so even from a young age I understood that death was not an ending but another stage of life beginning. After my exaltation, I took up with four others of my ilk whose names are likely forgotten, but will be remembered here: (It seems the names here will remain forgotten: They have been obscured by water damage) I was young and full of the power granted to me from on high, and thought to remake my companions to serve my purposes, but they were not fooled by my machinations. Things becameā€¦ tense. And still, I knew not why.
We were drawn north to find a place called the
(Again, the name is destroyed by water damage.) This was a sacred locus: The site of a final stand from the great war so long ago. There we found many wonders lost to the modern era, including an interactive mural in which I found some measure of peace. I took to meditating there until I discovered I was stuck within. I never found my way out of that place, but I did find Larqueen Ken.

Ken was a spirit, the ghost of a Solar buried within that holy place. He offered to share his wisdom out of kindness: A trait that at the time I took for weakness. Over the intervening years, I learned that Larqueen Ken was far from weak, as he taught me how to use my abilities in ways I never thought possible. And only through his guidance did I learn how to break the bonds of the trap my folly had brought me to. So ashamed was I of my treatment of Larqueen Ken, the abuse of his kindness, and the abuse of my former companions, that one cold day I could no longer face my benefactor. I left without a word of goodbye to prove myself worthy of his kindness.

So I went in search of the one thing that pulled me home and discovered a young girl named Sesus Kiva who was trying to make her way in the world as a young Solar. Something about her drew me in and when her family was killed by the dragon-blooded visiting her home, I bound her father to me to present my intentions on our first meeting. Since, I have followed her movements, watching, unable to yet intervene directly, but taking careful stock of her and her interactions: Two other Solars in whose Caravan she travels to the town of Nexus.

When first we meet face to face, she will know me as Hazukashi, the name I have adopted for myself as I atone for my foolishness. There are none who shall hear my true name from my own lips until such a time as my shame is relieved.


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