The Road to Fortune

A Monk in our Midst.
The day Mahato joins the caravan.

The caravan was assembled and the ragamuffin scout (Flip) spotted a lone Immaculate Monk (Mahato) on the road. Headed the same way as the caravan.

After the scout reports to Ib, the caravan master decides to send his resident dragon blood (Sesus Kiva) to parlay with the monk.

A small party (Sesus Kiva, Granite Ox, Flip, House Guard Bonden, and Master Reflock) is formed and the monk seems amenable to joining the party. Kiva and Mahato exchange a few words regarding how they have arrived this far from the realm. Some of those words are even true.

The caravan moves on.

A few hours before dark Flip spots an ambush in the road. He dispatches an archer and returns with the news. The same party as before plus 5 caravan guards head out to meet the foe.

In the mists of dusk the two groups came upon each other at a bend in the road. In moments battle is joined. Kiva and Mahato are surrounded, Flip dives into the woods, and Granite Ox is accosted by a pair of men and many arrows.

The battle is short and fierce. Mahato and Kiva kill or route their foes. Flip disables many archers and kills the leader of the bandits. And Granite Ox stands on the field with anima banner flaring and a Glorious Solar Goremaul in hand, shedding enough light to imitate the dawn.


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